About Kristin


Not of the “once upon a time” type (although I can spin a decent yarn), but the kind that help individuals and organizations attract business, inspire donors, and engage internal and external constituents.

I can spend a half hour on the phone with a physician and weave their thoughts together with peer-reviewed research into an optimized blog post that informs a lay audience. 

I can spend a few days speaking with a family and craft a heart-tugging narrative about how they’ve built their lost loved one’s legacy through philanthropy. 

I can take the raw material of an image study and transform it into a multi-platform messaging strategy to guide an institution’s $100 million fundraising campaign

Whatever your story is, I’d love to help you tell it. When you’re ready, let’s talk


  1. Hi Kristin! Great to follow your career moves. Quick question: We’re studying freelancing this week in my Elon reporting course. Would you be interested in a 30-minutes-or-so Zoom chat with my 16 students this coming Wednesday, April 20? (If you can’t, no worries.)

    I already have them reading your article on ‘Six Things I Learned . . . ” It’s good. I’m sure students would be eager to meet you (remotely). Class meets from 12:30 to 1:40 p.m., so any chunk of that time would be great. We’re going to be on Zoom because about three of the students are out in some form of quarantine (one is for flu). We’re off today for day-after-Easter commuting. (I’m actually in Bethesda right now visiting son, who was just a small guy when you were at Elon. Now at NIH.)

    If you can join us, I’ll send you a Zoom link, and we can nail down time. As for Elon, generally the same but larger, more brick buildings, Connie Book is president and Janna has shrewdly disappeared to Southern California, though she still does some of her Imagining the Internet activities.

    If you want to talk, my mobile is (336) 269-8920.
    Let me know what you think. Thanks.

    Glenn Scott

    • Hi Glenn, I’m so sorry I missed this! For some reason, I didn’t get an alert on it. I would love an opportunity to speak to your students in the future (although I’m sure it’s too late for this semester, my apologies) — send me a note at kristinhansonwrites@gmail.com. I hope you’re well!

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