Development Communications Consulting

Nonprofit fundraisers are stretched beyond their means these days. In this environment, strategic – and skillful – communications will provide your organization an edge. If your development shop is low on resources, or if you’re looking to increase your in-house capacity, I can help.

Campaign Communications

You’ve spent the money on market research and branding, but you don’t have the time – or people power – to bring the plan to life. With a track record of creating and executing successful strategies for campaign launches, closings, and everything in between, I can help. Services include:

  • Messaging platform development
  • Writing for collateral, including prospectuses, case statements, and one-sheeters
  • Content strategy development for websites, social media, and email marketing
  • Toolkits and training for gift officers, campus communicators, ambassadors, and other stakeholders

Proposal Writing

The ingredients for a successful proposal are simple: A compelling story, a concise ask, and a clear connection between your needs and a donor’s goals. Balancing those ingredients, however, can prove challenging. Whether you’re seeking a large grant or pursuing a nine-figure prospect, I can help. Services include:

  • Grant proposals
  • Major gift proposals
  • White papers

Impact Reporting

Storytelling sells – and it stewards, too. But these stories have to go beyond the “Donor makes $X million gift” article to a compelling narrative your audience will actually, you know, read. With nearly 15 years of experience writing award-winning impact stories and profiles under my belt, I can help. Services include:

Solicitations and Acknowledgments

Whether you’re asking a donor for support or thanking them for it, your words – and your brevity – matter. With more than a decade’s worth of experience crafting eye-catching content that fits in small packages, I can help. Services include:

  • Email and print solicitations and acknowledgments
  • Landing and confirmation pages
  • Social media campaigns

Capacity Building

To share great stories, you need to have both good ideas and people capable of telling them. In short, you need an infrastructure – something most development shops don’t have. With a history of building “beat” systems and coaching writers and fundraisers at institutions of all types and sizes, I can help. Services include:

  • Resource assessment and recommendations
  • Coaching for writers, content creators, and gift officers
  • Comprehensive review of editorial products (digital and/or print) and plan for improvement

Ready to get started?

Contact me at for a conversation about how we can work together to meet your development communications goals.