But Where Did All The Posts Go?

Happy new year, friends and countryfolk!

If you’re a regular visitor to this space (hi, mom), you probably noticed that the blog section of this site got quite a lot shorter. Don’t worry, those posts still exist. They’ve just relocated to my new personal blog, Short Girl Big Thoughts.

The new digs are a work in progress, but here’s what SGBT looks like right now.

I’m separating out my personal writing from my professional writing because, well, most clients probably don’t want to read about my thoughts about Nate Shelley’s heel turn in Ted Lasso or why the Washington Football Team’s name change has stirred up a lot of feels for me. Similarly, my friends and family probably don’t have an interest in how to set up an editorial network to source development stories. If you’re into both — great! If not — also great! Just pick the blog that’s right for you.

One of my 2022 resolutions is to write more for both groups of y’all, and I hope you’ll hold me to it. Talk to you soon.

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